End Dumps

Our Engineered frameless half round End Dumps have been designed for maximum strength, and flexibility manufactured using Hardox AR 450 makes the trailer much more dent resident.. Our unique design has 1/4″ thick plate throughout the tub and the last 8 feet are 5/16″ thick maximizing durability and minimizing weight (thinner plate is available). To maximize stability our trailer was engineered with wide track axles to maintain all 8 wheels on the ground when unloading. The trailer has LED lighting throughout, all wiring is completely protected and unexposed throughout the trailer. The top rail is made with 1/4″ thick square tubing, and all of the tubs and bulkheads are welded with Flux Core. Our high-lift rear gate is standard with 1/4″ thick plate cylinder guards for the lift gate. To minimize weight all fenders are made in Aluminium and bolt-on for easy replacement if damaged or if you don’t need front fenders. Our 5 stage inverted lift cylinders is designed away from the tub maximizing pay load and allowing for easy service.

40' Half Round End Dump

40′ Half Round End Dump

All seams in the steel plates are beveled allowing maximum welding penetration using our flux core welding process.

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38' Half Round End Dump

38′ Half Round End Dump

The 25,000 lbs capacity axles have an ABS braking system included. The Rex Roth rear gate control allows for easy operation in the cab or on the trailer.

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36' Half Round End Dump

36′ Half Round End Dump

All our End Dumps use 1/4″ thick Abrasion Resistant (AR) plate throughout the tub, and for superior wear prevention we use 5/16″ thick plate on the last 8 ft of every tub.

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34' Half Round End Dump

34′ Half Round End Dump

Our complete line up of trailers are manufactured using AR Hardox 450 (Hardox 400 and 500 is also available).

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30' Half Round End Dump

30′ Half Round End Dump

Our 30 ft Half Round has a 28 ft tub making it highly maneuverable to get in and out of tight places on the job sites.

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