Heavy Duty

Our group of companies has been engineering and manufacturing high quality products for over 25 years shipping globally and operating manufacturing facilities in 3 countries throughout North America using the latest in 3D design and simulation software with real world testing, laser steel cutters, CNC milling equipment, and robotic welders all with attention to detail, design, and customer service. At Dura-HAul we have seen the roughest of road and off-road conditions that’s why we engineer strength and longevity into all of our trailers.

Belly Dumps

We set out to engineer and design one of the best constructed trailers in the industry at prices that makes sense and we achieved that. Our XLS (Skeleton frame) Belly Dump is one of the lighter trailers in the market that allows for maximum payloads increasing your profitability. We have designed-in many of the benefits from our HD Belly Dumps into our lighter XLS and XLT (Full sided trailer) Belly Dumps to withstand your daily workloads. Our tapered Upper and lower hoppers allow material to flow better reducing build up of material and allowing quicker discharge, and our low profile trailer and hopper design has maximized ground clearance while maintaining lower height so it can be filled without a high reach loader.

End Dumps

Our Engineered frameless half round End Dumps have been designed for maximum strength, and flexibility manufactured using Hardox AR 450 makes the trailer much more dent resident.. Our unique design has 1/4" thick plate throughout the tub and the last 8 feet are 5/16" thick maximizing durability and minimizing weight (thinner plate is available). To maximize stability our trailer was engineered with wide track axles to maintain all 8 wheels on the ground when unloading. The trailer has LED lighting throughout, all wiring is completely protected and unexposed throughout the trailer. The top rail is made with 1/4" thick square tubing, and all of the tubs and bulkheads are welded with Flux Core. Our high-lift rear gate is standard with 1/4" thick plate cylinder guards for the lift gate. To minimize weight all fenders are made in Aluminium and bolt-on for easy replacement if damaged or if you don't need front fenders. Our 5 stage inverted lift cylinders is designed away from the tub maximizing pay load and allowing for easy service.

Belt Trailers

When we set out to manufacture Belt Trailers for bulk hauling and continue our reputation of durable long lasting trailers we started by engineering and patenting our EverFlex design. Bulk hauling trailers are put through some of the toughest conditions from fields to the country roads. We have designed our Stainless Steel trailers in a variety of lengths and side heights with a variety of belt widths best suited for your payload. With its easy to use control panel, multi speed motors, and a variety of doors you will be able unload your trailer faster to get back picking up your next payload.

Chain Trailers

Building a chain floor trailer requires it to be engineered right and built tough to withstand all of the bulk commodities it will haul in the toughest environments. Our trailers are welded using high integrity flux core to ensure the welds will stand the test of time, and we finish the trailers with our durable 5 step powder coat paint process. There are 2 - 77.5" track 25K axles with air ride suspension, and a variety of UHMW floor liners. We build trailers for your specific needs with different trailer lengths, and a variety of side heights, including optional removable side extensions in a variety of heights. Variable speed motors allow for quick unloading so you spend more time hauling then unloading.

Chemical Trailers

We have earned a solid reputation on delivering the best trailers for our customers needs. You can customize trailers with a variety of configurations up to Quad Axles. Trailers can have rear Steering and fully dressed axles, Air Ride Suspension, and Aluminum Wheels. Our trailers are DOT-407 compliant. We have overturn protection with additional safety work lights. Titan gauges and displays are installed in the control box located on the roadside of the trailer.

Petro-Chemical Trailers

Our crude oil trailers are built to last in the toughest environments. Not only are they built tough, they are built to haul.

Non-Code Trailers

Our trailers have been proven in the toughest environments in Northern Alberta Canada and down to Texas. We have designed our Aluminum trailers to stand up while minimizing weight and we build them from 90 barrel pups up to 180 barrels. They also come in a wide range of standard colors if you want to customize your fleet.

Combo/Hydro Vacs

Our combo/hydro vacuum steam unit is built to clean up any unwanted fluids, spills, waste materials, fluid transfers, tank cleaning and service rig work.

Stiff Poles

We have designed our units with simplicity in mind to maximize efficiency and reduce time on the site and you can review our most popular configurations.