Belt Trailers

When we set out to manufacture Belt Trailers for bulk hauling and continue our reputation of durable long lasting trailers we started by engineering and patenting our EverFlex design. Bulk hauling trailers are put through some of the toughest conditions from fields to the country roads. We have designed our Stainless Steel trailers in a variety of lengths and side heights with a variety of belt widths best suited for your payload. With its easy to use control panel, multi speed motors, and a variety of doors you will be able unload your trailer faster to get back picking up your next payload.

50' Belt Trailer

50′ Belt Trailer

The most popular rear door configuration is a Top Hinge with a knife gate door providing you with the most flexibility for discharge, although you can order side swing doors depending on your applications.

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42′ Belt Trailer

The patented DuraHaul EVERFLEX design allows the trailer to drive over the roughest terrain and ditches to get onto the highways without compromising its frame.

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