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Comparing Dump Trailers – The Dura-Haul Difference

 “An uncompromised commitment to quality – that is what sets us apart.” 


Why Dura-Haul?

At Dura-Haul, we understand that we are not the only option out there. You may ask “Why chose Dura-Haul when there are so many other options to chose from?” The purpose of his post is to answer that question.

What is the best dump trailer on the market today?

 An uncompromised commitment to quality – that is what sets us apart.  While other trailers may come with a smaller price tag, nobody beats our value. While it is easy for us to say things like, “We are the best” and “Nobody beats our value,” those are really just words. They do not mean anything unless we can show you what gives us the right to make those claims. Below is a comparison between one of our trailers and a trailer from one of our competitors. We will not give the name of the competitor, but these specifications were pulled directly from the website of one of the largest dump trailer producers in Canada at the moment. Here you will see the massive difference in what these trailers have to offer. 

dump trailer comparison chart


The Dura-Haul Difference

Looking through these specs, there is no question as to which is the better trailer. The purpose of this is not to bash our competition, but rather to show what sets us apart. We understand when it comes to getting the job done right, it is important to have equipment that will work hard for you and last. That is the Dura-Haul Difference.