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7 Steps To Starting A Junk Removal Business

7 Practical Steps To Help You Start A Junk Removal Business

Junk removal is a competitive industry, but if you succeed, you can enjoy lucrative returns. Getting rid of junk is something that applies to people across all demographics and expands beyond individuals to include large companies, the construction industry, farmers and more. As a junk removal business, your job is to capitalize on the need to get rid of waste that all groups of people eventually have. However, you’ll need to make a plan and take a few preliminary steps to ensure your business is a success. In this post, we’ll help you avoid common mistakes by looking at 7 key steps to consider when starting your junk removal business.

  1. Familiarize Yourself With Local Regulations

Getting familiar with the laws and regulations in your area that apply to junk disposal will help you avoid any unwanted surprises. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have regulatory hurdles to overcome when your company is still trying to get off the ground. If you’re found in violation of your local regulations, your business risks suspension and fines that can significantly cripple your operation. Depending on where you’re located, certain materials may require certification for you to transport. Reviewing your local regulations will help you define the different objects you encounter on the job and develop safe disposal techniques.

Taking the time to create a waste disposal and recycling plan is an important step to take when opening your junk removal business. Within this plan, you can list materials you’re likely to encounter on the job, such as cardboard, wood, metals, and furniture, and outline how your team will deal with disposal. In the waste disposal and recycling plan, you can show your city, province, or state how your company plans to work and how your services reduce environmental impact.

  1. Establish Your Prices

One common pitfall for new junk removal businesses is jumping into their local market without a business plan. While the overall plan may seem obvious – get more customers – it’s important to establish key metrics that will determine your profit margins and how much money you’ll need to get started. The prices you set are influenced by numerous factors, including the number of employees you have and other overhead costs you need to identify in a plan. Taking the time to analyze these factors will help you develop prices appropriate for your market.

One of the most important factors to consider in your pricing is your equipment. Your dump trailer is the most important piece of equipment for junk removal and acts as a powerful promotional tool. Your prices need to make your trailer affordable. As a junk removal business, you’ll also have to pay landfill and recycling fees every time you drop off a load. Additionally, you may need to get different types of insurance for your business. If you have employees, you’ll definitely have to get injury and liability insurance. Taking time to make a list of all the things you need will help you establish accurate prices while getting your junk removal business off the ground.

  1. Take The Time To Identify Your Customers

Junk removal is an example of an industry where people make the mistake of assuming “everyone needs it,” so they don’t take marketing seriously. While it’s true junk removal is an extremely popular service that applies to all demographics, it’s essential to identify your target audience to ensure you have a consistent stream of revenue. Having a specific group of people you want to target ensures you always have a clear path towards generating new business. Instead of accepting that “times are slow,” you can assess your marketing efforts and find areas where you can make improvements. Examples of areas you can target include apartment buildings during spring cleaning and construction sites that need excess materials hauled away.

  1. What Kind Of Trailer Do You Need?

When it comes to starting a junk removal business, a dump trailer is the best piece of equipment that you can buy. When it comes to unloading a dump trailer, it is almost as easy as pressing a button. Instead of manually unloading your truck or trailer by hand, you get to let the hydraulic lift do all of the work for you. Dump trailers are extremely convenient for dealing with heavy items such as furniture that you’re likely to encounter while removing junk. You can also connect dump trailers to a variety of different vehicles, which gives you flexibility in choosing what you drive for work. Dump trailers can be significantly less expensive than a dump truck which makes it easier for you to enter the junk removal industry.

After investing in your trailer, it’s important to start using it as a marketing tool. Dump trailers are large objects and are pretty hard to ignore, especially if you give people a reason to look at your trailer. Adding your logo, phone number, and a call to action is a great way to market your business wherever your trailer is parked. It’s also important to keep your trailer physically clean since it represents your company. Don’t let all the free real estate on your trailer go to waste.

5x10 Bumper Pull Dump Trailer
  1. Invest In A Unique Look For Your Company

Junk removal is a competitive industry, which makes it important to find ways to stand out. Finding a theme for your business is a great way to make your basic junk removal service more memorable. A common example is many junk removal businesses use puns in their business name to stand out. It’s also worth investing in a high-quality logo and website design to give your business a distinct visual identity. Working with local artists to achieve a unique look is a great way to stand out and introduce your company to the local business scene. A high-quality logo with your contact information is perfect for your trailer, which will help you passively promote your business while on a job.

  1. Plan Promotions Around Seasonality

As previously mentioned, taking a deliberate approach to your marketing will prevent your company from struggling when times are “slow.” One of the best ways to consistently promote your junk removal business is to create marketing promotions around the different seasons. Your team can promote leaf removal during the fall and snow removal in the winter. You can also dive deeper into each season to come up with complementary services; for example, gutter cleaning could go along with leaf removal.

You can also identify when construction sites in your area are the most active, which can result in a profitable repeat business relationship. Identifying different sources of junk in your area and the times when they’re most popular will help you create an effective seasonal marketing plan. Using websites such as Facebook and Kijiji are affordable ways to market these seasonal promotions to your local audience.

  1. Recognize The Role Salesmanship Plays

Believe it or not, salesmanship plays a significant role in running a successful junk removal business. It’s not enough to have the right equipment and technical know-how to dispose of junk. It’s also important to develop salesmanship skills which will help you develop a loyal group of customers. The way you present your services and answer customer questions are key factors that influence your business’s local perception.

Salesmanship skills are especially important if your employees go on jobs alone. It’s important to train your team on how to promote your services during interactions with customers. Even a simple interaction with a curious neighbour can result in future business if your team knows how to approach the situation. Equipping your team with detailed knowledge about your pricing structure and services will make it easier to highlight the benefits of your company to potential customers. At the same time, basic social skills such as being attentive, courteous, and approachable will help make everyone on your team better salespeople.